Advice to y-o-u-t-h-s of t-o-d-a-y

Youths are often considered as the man-power of society. They are viewed as the future gene-ration to bring change and development. Society expects them to act as role models to others who are still young.

Irony is that, youths have completely loose direction. They have turned to be crisis-trenders on the media and other social platforms. Drug and substance abuse all rotates them, day in day out. When we keep on warning them of the dangers of cigarrette smoking, they still won’t offer an ear to listen. I still wonder how masses tend tend to spoil their health while still young and later start struggling with medication at old times. Almost every young person is impatience. They want to be productive and successful at lower age. Try to walk along the streets, you will encounter most young youths turning into entrepreneurship. Some owning small scale businesses like movie shops or boutiques. When I tried to ask one of them his age when he began to hustle, he claimed at 10 years. Actually am not defening hustling but surely why should you start pressuring yourselves too early when you’re still under parents care. They offer you all basic needs that you require but you still ain’t satisfied. You want to prove your manhood and flexibility by making your own cash through hustles. I wish you could build your health enough by even going to the gym, socialising with friends, carrying rearch until your time reaches to start bothering yourself.

Everything has its own time. Life is never short or long, it all depends on how you live and Gods grace upon you. Remember patience pays and hurry hurry has no blessings. Be obedient and stay calm. Take it slow and be happy. Enjoy life!


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