Tall people are?

Being tall has been considered as a priviledged gene. In relation-ship being a tall man shows attractive and powerful qualities. Ladies claim that a tall man is ready to provide security to his family. When it comes to politics tall people are highly considered than short ones. Also in employ-ment tall people often get picked up than short ones. Many institu-tions prefer tall energetic chaps who can quickly raise the bar.

But my focus now is on relationship issues. Actually tall men are often viewed as ‘players’ when it comes to dating. This is indicated by the numerous number of girls they keep on changing everyday. The truth of it, is that while short or medium girl is walking and mingling up with tall people, they often wish they were little bit short or same height with them. Tall people often feel shy infront of short masses of people. Many claim that tall people are humble and kind moreover ready to help. When it comes to meals, they eat more than short peoples. Research also reveals that tall people sleep less time than short ones.


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