Causes of infertility among men

Men often feel ashamed to admit that they are infertile. In the Traditional African Setting, bearing children was considered part and parcel of life. A man was was expected to marru a woman and bear many children to carry on the Family Name. In the event the couple didn’t have children in the first few months of marriage, family and in laws would ask what they were waiting for. Should they gey to their second wedding anniversary without a baby in two, the man would get pressured to look for another wife who would be able to bear children.

Quite often, the lack of children was blamed on the infertility of the wonen who would then be shunned. It was unheard of for a man to be termed as infertile.

But with the advancemenr in fertility health, it has become clear that both partners play a part in the siring of the children. The advancements have also been useful in identifying why some men are infertile.

Lifestyle changes, illnesses and conditions one has from childhood have been blamed for the increased levels of infertility in men. According to African Woman and Child Feature Services lifestyle habits like smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day and drinking too much alcohol can reduce not only the sperm count but also the ability of the sperm to move around.

Other lifestyle-related habits includes being overweight, taking drugs, depression and emotional stress, contribute.

When couples are unable to bear children, they often resort to blaming each other.

Too much heat, say from a laptop placed on his lap or from ridinh motorcycles and driving vehicles where the driving vehicles where the driver sits on the engine like matatus and lorries, can cause infertility.

More biological factors include blocked tubes, having female chromosomes (XX) instead of male (XY) or an extra (X) chromosomes, anti-sperm anti-bodies that attack sperm, hormonal imbalances, and premature and retrogade ejaculation.

Mayo Clinic includes invasive surgeries like vasectomies, major abdominal and pelvic surgery, cancer treatments, chronic illnesses like sickle cell and previous infections in the list of biological factors that can cause infertility in men.

In Lola Shoneyin’s The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives, it wad only when Baba Segi’s newest wife was unable to bear him more children than he discovered he was infertile. With the advancement in medicine, men nowadays don’t don’t have to wait for the rude shock that the children they thought they had sired aren’t theirs. Mayo Clini recommends a trip to the gyaecologist should you fail to conceive after about a year of trying.


Simple ways for Entrepreneurs to build their presence

“The more you give, the more you get.”

Opinions are expressed by entreprenuer, contributors are their own.

Being an entreprenuer is all about getting out there. You can build your presence in a number og ways.

The first by communicating with those in your network regularly.

Think about the value you are able to provide to others. How can you help them? Are you able to connect them with someone who can furthet their business? Can you provide some other type of support? Reach out by phone, email and in person. Attend networking events and meetings. Take advantage of all the wonderful people in your circle and always assist when you can.

You can also build presence by creating thought leadership pieces.

These can be videos or in written form. What knowledge or tips can help others and entice them to want to hear more from you? Be consistent and be thoughtful about what you are putting out there.

Bottom line: When you give, you get alot in return. Be sure to volunteer. You’ll meet a lot of terrific people and have a posirive impact on society at the same time. It will also attract others to your business and make you a more interesting person. Remember that building presense won’t happen overnight. Stick with it and you’ll be suprisef at the results.

3 love language you should employ in your relationship

Employing the love language of physical touch is important in keeping your love alive.

Healthy and longlasting relationship require open and honesy communication. This communication is helpful once partners know the love languages in a relationship.

1. Taking out and spending time together

Ensuring you spend time one on one with your partner more often is a love language so critical in having long lasting relationship. To have this create thoughtful gifts and geatures, plan day outs with your spouse and choose what your partner will enjoy and be happy with it.

Make sure you said at all cost distrations.

2. Words of affirmation

Offering your partner a listening ear and support where they need your help is a love language that will keep your relationship blossoming. Appreciate the small deeds they do to you, encourage them to do better, emphathize with them when faced by difficult situation and affirm your presence anytime.

You must try as much as you can to avoid any negative criticsm or innappreciative words that might discourage your partners.

3. Physical touch

A health and lasting relationship needs thid love language as often as possible showing affection in kissing, hug or holding hands with your partner play an important role in keeping your love alive.


Every couple starts this relation with heights of love, zeal and intense feelings that seem to stay lifelong. However, time is the besy teacher and it passess, it shows varied sides and shades of relation. Marroed couples are not an exception. With the passong years, they get to see different realities of this relation that may be harsh.

Nothing us impossible including resolution of married life complications, if you know where you are going wrong. For that, it is best to know the mistakes people commonly do.

Maybe you can rescue your own relation.

1. Taking each other for granted

Aftet marriage people live together and do almost everything together. Eating, vacationing, future planning, shoping, and the list is long. For sure, you do the same. You know what, you both are so easily available to each othet that sometimes anyone of you or both of you start taking each other for granted.

Emotional needs, career perspectives, personal thinking etc. are all personal assets of an individual. If you do not respect thay and will ignore, the fragile relation of marriage may becomr prone to a sad ending.

“Staying together should be strength of a couple and not a compulsion. Pay heed to the concerns of your partner as it brings grace in relationship.”

2. Not doing financial planning together

Oh, this one is a big mistake.

Everyperson in thos world has to have adequate financial back up to stay and survive in this world. When only one person has to take responsibilities of finances, frustration is sure to come. When this hapoens, the diversites show their effect on the relationship.

Just look around, there is so much stress out there.

The rat race to earn more, to stay in the job or do best in business is going on 24×7, 365 days. You too for sure have financial goals and future plans. Some are individual goals and some are farming. They cannot be achieved without mutual consent and contribution.

The man and the woman both have equal role in financial planning.

However, according to the salary difference the share to save or invesy can always be modified. But whatever you do, just do it together. Especially when it comes to obligations, bear the burden together. Form a short term loan to long term debts, when you share the burdens, it brings acouple closer.

Before taking any credit card, loan or any financial product take mutual consent. For instance, even if you’re taking a short-term loan, first discuss and see how it can affect your finances. However, with new age finance industry, the financial choices have become quite affordable and flexible.

For instance— British Leaders, an online loan company in the UK offers unpreedented cheaper deals on loans. You can have all your small money needs fulfilled here. However, a second thought on financial decision is always required.

3. Depending on each other too much

“Extreme of everything is bad.” Too much gap and too much closeness, both are not good for your marriage.

Suffocation is bad not only for health but also for relationships. Let it breath, get space for yourself and givr some space to your partner.”

Do not rely on each other too much and the best way to do this is to make your own routine and follow it.

This doesn’t tell to ignore your partner, but to feel self reliant this is necessary.

It is never a problem to discuss on varied matters with your Better Half but do not make their presence compulsory for doing everything. Make your own friend cricle and stay connected to family members, as one person (life partner) cannot complete all your expectations.

Humans are part of a society and they can flourish bettet when they stay connected to the community. This is fact strengthwns your relationship as tackle relations and situations individually.

4. Absense of friendliness invites loneliness

Just recall how close you both were few days before the marriage.

Eating together, having fun together, movies, late night parties, weekend trips, romantic dates. Wow! What not?

Most importantly, you used to share so many things and day and night never made difference in your energy to stay invested in the conversation. But what happened to that now?

You both don’t even talk to each other properly, hide many things and stay reserved.

Wait a minute, this is not a joke, this is your relationship and that needs to be revived with fresh atmosphere.

Why not become friend once again and share some forgitten experience and feelings?

No one perhaps can keep your secrets as perfect as your life partner. But for that the two sides needs to invest and woek sinceraly. A 100% commitment is required.

5. Keeping anger within yourself is like living on avolcano

Expression of emotions and feeling whether it is love or anger, are necessary to express. Fighting is part of a relationship and it is not bad to sometimes fight (obviouslly, not violently) and let anger come out.

It help you release all the stress, which cleanse the mess of life.

As it is OK to be sad sometimes, it is also fine to fighy sometimes. After that when your partner and you sit together to patch up again, these moments become the actual fuel of frienships.

This makes things work longer, with time a couple gets the clarity of what their partner does not like and that should be avoided.

“Only the heat of sun, can make you realise the importance of shadow of tree.”

“Fighting makes love more sweet.”

Marrrige is an amazing thing as this is perhaps the only relationships that can bear most ups and downs.

But makesure it stay strong on every turn. Life is one. Use it well for good reasons. Do not spoil it for negative things as it consumes happines from life that you deserve.

Bottom line: avoid the above mistakes and make your relationship last long. Stay together forever. Marriage is a “handle with care” relation and someting that should stay life long. If avoiding somr mistakes can make it last long then you should certainly know about them o avoid their occurence.

Why intelligent people are “lonely”

Intelligence can be burdensome and it can make you feel isolatef from others. This is because intelligent people see the woeld differently and observe things that regular people don’t. Then how does intelligence adds to intellectual loneliness, emotional loneliness, physical loneliness etc.

1. New thoughts constantly

Intelligent people process information quite effectively and effortiessly which means they need a constant stream of new thoughts which is difficult for simple people to provide.

2. Love for solitude

Intelligent people like spending time alone away from the disturbances and the distractiond of their regular day to day lives. This means that, to some degree, they do impose themselves to abit of loneliness.

3. Intelligence seeks intelligence

Just a quick question. How many people do you know in your life who can truly call intelligence? It may not be alot. Everyone, they need someone to be on the same page with hence the absense of someone with the sme intellectual capacity pushes them to loneliness.

4. Intelligent people may not be that expressive

Intelligent people don’t express themselves to everyone. Also they may not be able to express their emotions in a way in which they would have liked to. Sometimes, thwir expressive inabilities, at times, may give the person the wrong idea.

5. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is also a kind of intelligence and such people are known as empaths. They have thos unique ability to feel things by putting themselves in other peoples shoes and understanding emotions from their perspective. Emotional intelligence leads to emotional loneliness. They therefore, feel deep emotions but very few feel their emotions in turn, making them lonely, emotionally.

Four things that could send you to an early grave

Nobody wants to die early. However there are certain habits in ones lifr that can be a orerequisite to early death.

According to PLOS Medicine journal, habits such as sitting down for long hours or sleeping for long hours could lead you to an early grave. Such habits must be avoided by all means.

Here are four things that could lead you to an early grave according to the journal.

1. Smoking

Cigarrete is not gopd for your health. Excessive smoking can lead you to death. Smoking affects the perfomance of lungs. When the lungs become weaket your risk of death rises. Avoid smoking if you want to live long.

2. Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is rampant among peoplr of different ages. Drunkards die earlier than their real age. Alcohol can lead to different diseases including liver cirhosis. Both men and women who take alcohol risk early death.

3. Deitary Behaviour

The foods you eat determine your health. There are certain foods that are not ideal for your health.

For instance foods with too much sugar and fats are not recommended for your diet. These foods should be avoided all the time if you want to live up to your 80’s. The foods affect the perfomance of different organs hence they should not be part of your diet.

4. Physical activity

Do you engage in physical activities? The body needd to be active. Lack of exercise makes you weaker. Too much of it is not also good. Makr sure you work out regularly for good.

You are;

The books you read, films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you spend time with, the conversation you engage in.

Three signs you are drinking too much

You don’t have to be an alcoholic for drinking to affect your health. Wine, beer or the occasional slot of somethong stronger. Many of us enjoy a couple of drinks when we hang out with friends and family at parties or on a night out at the local wàtering hole, but do you wonder if you drink too much?

According to the 2013 National Survey on Drug use and Health more than 86 percent of people ages 18 or older have reported drinking alcohol at some point in their life and 26.9 percent have admitted to being drinking 4 or 5 drinks in a just a couple of hours. In the previous month.

It may suprise you to know what is really considered excessive alcohol use. For women, it means having 8 or more drinks in a week, and for men consuming 14 or more drinks during that same time period. If you enjoy a drink with dinner everynight and then knock back a few at least on weeknd night, you can see now quickly all thise drinks add up.

While engaging in excessove alcoholuse doesn’t necessarily mean you are an alcoholic, it can still be a health hazard. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention report that “Excessive alcohol use led to approxinately 88000 deaths and 2.5 Million Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) each year in the United States from 2006-2010 shoeteling the lives of those whp died by an Average of 30 years.

Besides the increased risk of dangerous behaviour like driving while drinking, getting into fights and unplanned pregnancies, excessive alcohol use is linked to higher risk for infection.

Here are three signs you are drinking too much (sources include National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Centers for Diseasr Control and Prevention and Mayo Clinic).

1. You need a drink everyday to unwind from the stress of the day. You are an emotional drinker, treating yourself to one or two to both celebrate happy times and to forget your troubles.

2. When you’re out with friends, you often drink more than that you had planned.

3. You, struggle woth a lot of hangover in the morning and experience blackouts_gaps in your memory_from the night before, affecting your ability to keep up with work and family responsibilities.

If you are worried about your alcohol use, talk to your primary physician or call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, Admonistration’s National Helpline.