Is there Artificial & Natural wealth?

Today I had to sit down and meditate something in between wealth. To my imagination I figured out existance of artifical and natural wealth. Do they exist? Here is my answer for these question;

Consider two wealth people from different perspective of wealth. Person A is owning numerous companys, clubs, plots, cars, trucks and schools BUT he has two kids only. While person B has lots of love, patience, joy, humility AND he has fifty four kids. Both are wealthy but from different perspective. Person A owns artifical wealths from external world but person B owns natural wealth from internal being.

What do you think of? Feel free to give a feedback.


Keeping customers satisfied

Customers are livelihood of your business, so its critical thing to maximize your customers satisfaction. Some degree of customer turnover is inevitable, but successful food marketers will retain repeatable customers. It cost about five times to bring a new customer than to retain current one.

Is customer turnover at minimum? Below are questions to help evaluate your success at keeping customers satisfied.

1. Do you realize the value of your current customers? These are your best accounts. They are quicker to buy and require fewer ‘special deals’. Never take your customers for granted.

2. Do you communicate to all your customers that they are important?

3. Do you encourage your customers to return back to your business?

4. Do you tailor your services to your specific customer needs?

5. Do your customers call you when they have a tough problem?

6. Do you provide unique services that your customers will find it difficult to duplicate somewhere else?

7. Do your customers feel like you are concerned about their needs and welfares?

8. Do you try to learn something from each customer as possible?

9. Do you follow up to ensure orders are filled quickly and appropriately?

10. Do you follow up on complaints to ensure resolution was satisfactory to the customer?

Materials for friction surfaces

The material used for lining of friction surfaces of a clutch should have the following properties;

It should have a high and uniform coefficient for friction.

It should not be affected by moisture and oil.

It should have the ability to withstand high temperatures that comes with spillage.

It should have high heat conductivity.

It should have high resistance to wear and scoring.

Inexpensive Business Promotion

If your promotion budget are low, below are inexpensive, appropriate and effective methods of promotion;

Personal selling

Product demonstration

Direct mail

Social media posts

Business cards

Yellow page listing





Window banners

Statement stuffers

Sports team sponsor

Home parties

Ethnic services

Ofcourse one of the best free methods is word of mouth.

What are effects of secondhand marijuana smoke?

Here is what we know about secondhand marijuana smoke;

• If you inhale a secondhand marijuana smoke, its unlikely you will fail a drug test, but its possible.

• Secondhand marijuana smoke is likely to give someone a high if they are enclosed with others smoking marijuana with high THC.

• A recent animal study showed that secondhand marijuana smoke can affect heart and blood vessels as much as secondhand tobbaco smoke. More research is needed but we know that marijuana smoke can affect people and children with asthma.

Benefits of successful teams

• Improvements in participants’ confidence, attitude, motivation and personal satisfaction.

• Greater clarity in expressing ideas through group discussion.

• Better understanding of individuals by their nature of contribution and of need of other members.

• Greater optimism – by focusing on positive outcomes and putting less weight on problems.

• Wider range of ideas rather than individual working on isolation.

• More effective response to changes – improved trust and communication helps individuals to adapt to new changes easily.

Marijuana use…effects

Many people use for various reason but atlast it has side effects that we need to be aware of. Marijuana affects people differenently depending on their biology, plants potency, previous experience with drugs, the way the person uses the drug, and the use of alcohol and other drugs at the same time. Some people feel nothing at all when they use marijuana. Some feel relaxed or high. Others suddenly get anxious and paranoid, this happens especially when a person takes stronger marijuana, take too much, or isn’t used to it. Regular use of marijuana is linked to memory and relationship problems, poor mental and physicah health, lower salaries and less career success.

Short term effects after smoking it includes;

1. Learning, attention and problems

2. Distorted perception (sounds, sights, touch and time)

3. Poor coordination

4. Increased heart rate

5. Anxiety, paranoia

6. Psychosis

Longterm effects after smoking includes;

1. Sleep problems

2. Risk of marijuana addiction

3. Longterm learning and memory loss if using it begins at youth

4. Risk of chronic cough, bronchitis

5. Risk of schizophrenia in people with genetic risk

Bottom line: Marijuana is psychactive. In other words it affects how the brain works. Marijuana affects specific sites in the brain called cannabinoid receptors. These receptors send message to different nerve cells in the nervous system. They affect brain areas that impart learning and memory, appetite, coordination and pleasures.

Is your business in crisis?

Many entreprenuers are facing a lot of crisis pertaining their careers in general. These crisis include financial difficulties, mismanagement etc. Are you one of victims still worried of where your business is heading to. Is your business life cycle graph is still wavy and complex? Are you in any crisis and you still don’t realize your mistakes?

Okay, I may not fully solve these out but trust me am here for help. Many entreprenuers make simple mistakes that are worth of their survival in the industry. Try and look at these following errors that cost us alot;

You don’t keep records for buainess transactions – many individuals don’t bother taking account of what is taking place. Have a record of events you get into. What is your current stock? Sold stock? Expected stock? What of credits? Debits? Discounts? All these kind of records will help you discover if you are making progressive profits or continous losses.

You don’t plan before you do anything. Various individuals don’t sit down and plan before investing in their business. Sit down and budget for development of your business. Don’t rush into making quick decisions when it comes to business resources. You can consult specialist to guide you effectively in making choices. This will help you realize mistakes that may arise from poor decision making.

You are not committed enough to your business -Don’t undermine your responsibilities. Stay focused and never give up. Always take account and be updated to whatever is taking place. Have a review of your business life cycle. Be active to trends in the industry changes. Have a mandatory to ensure you improve your services everyday. Do more research everytime. Make sure you provide what customers’ best demand is. Don’t be lazy. Atleast boost your attention to them.

You are not networking with others – Sometimes connectivity gives more priorities when it comes to marketing. You will learn new things from them. How they deal with their challanges? How they run their business? How they relate with their consumers? And many more.

You do not protect your business profile – Previously I encounter cases of bankruptcy and theft in business. Entreprenuers aren’t protecting their businesses fully from invaders. If so, they have poor strategies to aid them. Do you know your friends can be toxic invaders to your business? They are not supposed to enter your business privacy. Let relationships not interfere with your business at all means.