Today morning reminds me “…”

Today morning reminds me of the days I used to smoke weed when its raining. Only those who once used it can give my testi-mony a tick truth. Those days as a stonner,you could strugle to ligh your match stick or a lighter only to easily burn up your beards near mouth lips. Or at times even laugh when your partner strugles to light up one. Those days you never became bored only to medidate as if you are the only special person in the world. All you wished for is to be right man or lady so that people could give you whatever space you demanded. Music became sweeter than the feeling itself. Just to turn up the disk playing Coward of the county by Kelly Rodgers.Holding hands together with your partner and dancing fabolous instrumentals. Life used to be smooth mirroring beggining of and ending world. You felt like you’re best couple ever enjoying best wine in the billboards. Kissing was never an option with holding hands. That romantic mood still skanking sweet with love potions occup-ying your minds. Maybe it was like shooting yourself to another world inside the same planet. After trying to close up your meditation only to discover the whole rain over and the compound space sounds silent.

Wow! how about you? What was your experince before?


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