3 Tips to approach a woman successfully

Building the courage to approach a woman you feel attracted to can be the hardest task a man can have on his mind. Herr we talk about somr of the ways to go about approaching women that are simple and effective.

1. Considet if he has time to talk

Before you think of approaching a woman, the first thing to consider is whether she will have the time to talk to you or not. You can do this by checking whether she is busy with other things or she is havinh some leisure time.

The best time to approach her is when she seems relaxed and enjoying some free time. At this time, she could be really willing to talk to you as well.

2. There’s no beating around the bush

Women love confidence. A confident man is a lucky man as far as associating with women is concerned. Be the type of person who goes for what he wants. If you want her, collect yourself, gather the confidencr and approach her.

With the confidence you shoe while approaching her, she will definitely entertain a conversation with you. Say the opener with and have everything on point. Beating around the bush won’t make her get impressed by you.

3. Maintain eye contact

As soon as you approach her, you need to crear an instant connection with your eyes. Why? Because this shows confidence and creat a sense of closeness. Maintain a close and serious eye contact with the girl you want will sooner willing to have a conversation with you.


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