5 cancer symptoms no man should Ignore

The best way to fight cancer is to catch it in its eaarly stage because this is the time when its more treatable. Here are cancer symptoms no man should ignore.

1. Difficulties in Urinating

When you have problems urinating like urine taking long to come out, pain while passing urine or blood in urine, you should book an appointment with your doctor because these could be symptoms of prostate cancer.

2. Persistent coughs

Caughs that don’t go away and often bloody should be a red flag to you. If you caugh blood and sometes experience difficulty in breayhinh, it could signal lung cancer especially if you smoke.

3. Changes in your testicles

If you notice a lump or any heavness in your testicles, you should considet seeing a doctor testicular cancet often starts with changes in testicles.

4. Trouble swallowing

Somr people have trouble swallowing from time to time. This could be accompanied by vomiting and also losing weight. You shouls see a doctor to check you for throat or stomach cancer.

Bottom line: ‘No pain, no gain’ doesn’t apply to cancer. Back pain, a headache that doesn’t go away, abdominal or stomach pain could all tell that something is wrong so book an appointment with your doctor.


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