The 5 different types of cheating

Cheating is a common thing among couples today. There are several reasons why people cheat including lust and loss of love for their partners.

In this piece, I will take you through the 5 different types of cheating.

1. Opportunistic

This type of cheating is driven by situational circumstances or opportunity. Onr succumbs to their sexual desire for someone elsr and uses available opportunities to cheat.

2. Romantic

This happens when one has the efforts to keep his or her marriage work but seeks to satisfy his need for romance with someone else without wanting to destroy the marriage.

3. Emotional

This in simple terms is having inappropriate friendship with someone of opposite sex. Its likr a man being too emotionally attached to a woman who he considers a friend. Same to a woman being emotionally close to a man she sees as a friend.

4. Energetic cheating

This can be invisible to the eye but can sometimes turn into absenable actions. This can be inappropriate thoughts about someone and fantasizing about someonr else as you get intimate with your partner.

5. Social media

Another form of cheating is through social media. This includes having romantic social partners on various social media apps and dating sites who you flirt with secretely and share intimate photos.


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