Things used to silently to judge your character

1. Personal appearance

Whether it is a presentation or romantic date, the first impression will always last. The first thing many people tend to lock out for is how the person in question appears in terms of dressing and an impression will beade from it as judgement yo your personality. This might be used in future to recommend you or otherwise.

2. Punctuality

Whethet it’s date, meeting or job interview, first impression says a lot. Being late on these things creates a bad impression and people might think you are not serious about anything. People who are always late will more than often have an excuse and most times it’s never that concrete. Could it be the reason you never scored that job or business ideal?

3 Handwritting

Handwritting is usually small, big, thin or thick. It can also be legible or illegible. It is said that people who put pressure on the pen while writting tend to be attentive, outgoing and serious on everything they commit thwmselves to. You are more likely to be judged as shy, naive, modest, or unassertive if your handwriting is small.

4. Music taste

Have you ever seen people who are into loud, hard, rebellious rock music? Not only will you notice their taste in music, but also how they dress. Hard rock fans often love loud music, but are mostly introverted. More often than not, this is interpreted as them seeking attention or dealing with deeper issues of the soul. Classical and jazz music is associated with sensitive people who are viewed to be more open-minded on diverse spectrums of life. People who love upbeat music such a house, trance and hip-hop are usually extroverts and also more open to life experience.

5. Choice of pet

If you didn’t know, your choice of a pet can say often a lot about your personality than previously thought. Are you a cat ir a dog person? All if these somehow tell something about your personality. People who keep cats as pets tend to be lone rangers, nerds and deeply introverted. People who own dogs are said to be social abd outgoing and easy to befriend. Those who keep parrots cannot keep secrets— they are loud mouths!

6. Hate of animals

If you happen to invite a person to your house for a visit, observed how thwy treat your pet( if you have any). This could be a perfect litmus test for new relationships. If the person kicks or tosses the animal around, then that is the red flag fkrm a violent character.

7. Colour preferences

We all have a favourite colour. Some of us are drawn to dark earthy, while others too brught and bold colours. People drawn to brown and black are said to be creative and sensitive, while those who love red are bold and daring. People who love summer colours are happy, jovial and outgoing.

8. Relation with service givers

How you treat waiters, waitress and service deliverers, tells a lot about you. For instance, if you are at a restaurant and the other person is hurling insts and nagging the waiter, it is an indication that their character as a person is wanting. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how eloquent you speak or if you are nice to your friends, but how you relate with service providers can be used for or aganaist you.

9. Eye contact

Maintaining an eye contact during conversation shows how confident and attentive you are as a person. You can tell a lot from the eyes such as if a person is lying or not or what they could be thinking concerning the issues on the table.

10. Handshake

Have you ever greeted someone and their handshake felt as if they were forced into the occassion? It could be a weak grip, which is mostly an indication of a snobbish or shy personality. A strong handshake on the other hand, indicates that the person is confident in themselves and less shy.


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