Popular myths to debunk

Many may be relatively more enlightened today, but are still propagating baseless stories that have nothing to do with facts and reality

We have five senses

Besides the five empirical senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell), there are at least four other senses that are rarely cited: proprioception — orientation in space; thermoception — temperature; equilibrioception— balance; and interiception —sense of one’s physiological condition.

Bats are blind

Bats see in black and white. They lack colour receptors; but in low light, we can’t see colours either. Try it some time. They may not see as well as we can in daylight, but they see way better in low light. And they actually don’t have to use sight to navigate. They have sonar, which they use to navigate in pitch darkness.

Bananas grow on trees

They may grow on something the size of trees, but its actually not a tree. The banana plant is the world’s largest perennial herb. The plant doesn’t have woody fibres. It has strong stalks and leaves, yet it lacks the trunk and branches that would qualifyit as a tree. And…bananas are berries, since theu don’t produce mature seeds.

Mice terrify elephants

This myths seems to have originated from children’s stories. Regardless, elephants have no particular fear of mice. They do however have poor vision and are fairly slow moving. Thay means they can still be startled wjen a small animal, like a mouse or bird, darts pasy and suprise the lumbering pachydrem.

Humans evolved from apes

Actually we didn’t. But even the most rabid critics and suporters of evolution agree on this point. Humans did evolved from an ancestor that was far more ape-like than humans. No, we did not evolve from chips, rather we shared a common ancestor.

Bulls hate colour red

Bulls, like other cattle are partially colour-blind and cannot see the colour red. Bulls, especially, are, however, testy creatures whose fight or flight instinct is simply biased toward “fight”. In bull fights, it is the taunting, threates, and overall behaviour of the matador that make the bull charge, not the red cape. Bulls don’t mind the sight of red, but they do, however, get angry at the sight of jerks. But who can blame them for that?

Of lighting not striking twice

This myth is not only wrong, it’s dangerously wrong. Lighting often strikes the same place twice, at least within a close vicinity. If you find yourself standing around outdoors during a lighting storm, don’t go stand where lightining has already struck thinking you are protected at that spot. Find shelter.


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