Its our instict to blame the media for our poor perception of reality and ways in which we compare ourselfs to idealistic standards.

However we are now our own worst enemies because of the way we have distorted and manipulated our social media presentations. We are creating a culture of self-comparison that did not previously exist. Not only that, but we compare ourvselves to false images, just as altered as those of the air brushed models. Below is the hard facts that are faked throught social media;

1. Appearance

OK somewhere between the addition of filters and “teeth whitening tool” we become masters of making ourselves look absoullutely nothing likevourselves.

If i can erase all my blemishes and make my self loik virtually perfect,then why would i? Because its not you and when you see other looking like that on social media its not them either.

We are human beings. We are meant to look unique and incredible in our own way. We are not blurry oompa_loombe with flourescent teeth.

2. Relationship

No one is going to instagram a photo of knock_down_drag_out braw that erupted with their significant other over whith selfish bastard at ladt of ceuch berrires. No one is Man Crush Mondaying their boyfriend on his phone drunk-texting other women at a low point in their relationship. Do you know how much roses costs?

3. Partying

Why cant I be fun like that? OK many people complain about partying scenes. They go out and party all time.

4. Travelling

Travelling is incredible and i am more than than guilty of radiating envy as I scroll through photos of people on trips i could never afford.

5. Food

Its food. Its not really suppossed to be pretty. Stop judging your dinner place based on the extravagant displays on social media.

6. Diet

This is differnt than food. Colourful. You aren’t the only one who cant.

7. Fitness

Why am i not as motivated or confident in my body as this person is? Support them. Dont envy or cut them down.

8. Babies and pets

You are not the only one having babies and pets. The tendency of exposure to social media underates your motherhood nature.

9. Colourness

Social media is dorky. Everything is full of extra ordinary paint of colours on reality maniputalion. The tendency has put spell on consisering much colour than the originality aspect of things.

10. Clothing

No one is breaking out the fat pants for a selfie .

11. Perfection

This is a parody account and is in no way associated with the real person it depicts.

  • We are falling in love with faked ideas that influence our mind hence undermining the true reality if life. We all want to live like we are on a world of perfection,fullfilment and great things but all are simple illusion. Stay on your plan, use what is available, appreciate it and move on with life. Stop dreaming of the unknown.

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