Life on success Vs Life with success

When everyone is trying to reach their success and beautiful scenarios we tend to forget that any progress you make brings another opportunity. Opportunity is a wide topic, it can either bring positive or negative opportunity depending on the surrounding environment. Pick for instance purchasing the greatest Masion or Mercedes benze in your town or villlage, building great companies, developing self brand, being leader, being millionaire in town, leading ahealthy life and moreover having a beautiful wife and childrens. First discussion, you have develope one of the positive foundation include: getting tittles, respect, fame, successful progress, better lifestyle, leadership, being self worth, healthy family, inspiring others and even being boss. All these are upon you. But are you feeling successful though? Are you worried of your property? Are you still having sleepless nights? Are you still work long hours? Are you still reading books? Are still felling stressed about anything?

All these are questions many people still ask themselves despite being wealth and fullfilled their life. But lets also consider the negative foundation because anything that has advantage has adisadvantage in any field of life. These negative foundation include: society dependency on you, price discrimination on products you purchase, high rate of bankrupty, social insecurities, family privacy being exposed, your life is full on media, newspaper, radios, tv everyminute without your concern etc.These brings us to the rule of life on success VS life with success. Many people are living on life with success mentality. We waste our precious opportunity into struggle for: money, material wealth, competition, power, positions, relationships, luck and recogntions etc. We have forgoten our personal lifes, inner identity, self mindset mentality, influences that destroy our strengths, things that induce feelings to our life with no importance, greed, lack of self awareness, personal health,weaknessess and steps to our dream achievement. As I always say if you are influenced then you are being used and if you are used then you have not understand your purpose and its true. Why should you do a job you arent happy about? Why should you impress others? Why should you be ashamed of yourself?Why should you waste your time? Why should you compare your self with others?

Are they special than you?

Where they born from diffent planet?

Are they not human beings like you?

Stop putting weak mentality, values,beliefs, fears and thoughts that dont count into reality.Learn to ask,risks,try,combine,study,test,influence,control and guide your capabilities into great self understanding through deeper meditation of life and its effect.

These shall brainstorm and open your mind into life on successs everymoment of your life.


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