When love is real, you can do anything.

I went to hang out with one of my new bestfriends a month gone. He started telling me about his lucky plan of the following day were to be. He told me that he hooked up a sexy girl who promised him a fuck-night date at 2pm the following day. I was pleased about it then we swallowed the topic into total silence as we listed to the songs from his phone connected to Home theatre Speakers. After some minutes I realized that he was repeating a certain song from a rapper artist who was also rapping about his journey to go and fuck his long homecoming queen. The song is on youtube just click these link Kukupiga Stiki by Khaligraph Jones and watch the video. So into my curiosity I told him “tables turn, stop being overexcited about peoples promises, sometimes they are meant to break our hearts with so much expectations to imagine of.” After hearing that he went into being out of mood and replied back: “you are such a hater, why can’t you reason the same with me? You’re such a fucking pussy! I have now known you are a liar! Get out out of here… I don’t wanna see you again”. He was so angry with me but I calmed down and replied back smoothly. “Hey, I ain’t a hater, I just don’t even think of being one. I was just givong my opinion about your tomorrow’s plan.” Then he turned back harshly and said; “how can you say negative opinion about it? You ain’t wishing me good? I hate you! Please go!…” I recognized that as the conversation goes on with te we will turn into fights. I replied briefly; “okay, I’m leaving but just remember you are the one who branded me ‘a hater’… And then I left and went back to my yard. Then I came to meditate at my balcon, having some crunchy snacks with a gulp of glass wine as I reviewed my latest novel on my bookshelf called “WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?” by a certain award winning lyrist of poems and soul music. Then I had to relate with my friends situation who decided to break our relationship without listening to my voice of note. Sometimes we misunderstand others by our own judgement without listening to their part. We want others to think like we but we forget that everyone lives on different life reality view. We feel like a friend should be too nice everytime. When it comes to giving opinions about our lives plans, we always need the to give positive comments. Do you think this is honesty 100%? Good friends will tell you positive opinions only but True friends will tell you both negative and positive opinions. When love is real you can do anything. No man is perfect. We all come short of Gods glory. So are you or me? Don’t just rush into making fast decisions that will haunt you out of curiosity into jealousyness. Have patience inside you. Have a nice time!


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