Why people will always hate you..

Living a happy life is all we want. A life with no stress, tension, anxiety or worries. They say he who is living of past is worried; he who is living of tomorrow is anxious; but he who is living of today is free and relaxed. People are intached with freaky life distractions that bothers their mind. We try to make others accept and like us in any way. But at last, some people still hate us and even wish things to go wrong in our life journey. Why? How comes we are constantly disliked by some individuals? Okay! Perfect! Here are some few assumptions you should take note. First, people may dislike us if we consistently become lucky and successful in whatever task we do. For instance if your business is making continous profits over and over, then be assured to be disliked by other fellow competitors. Second, being too nice person also contributes these. People also want to see the dark side of you. They want to see what makes you cry so that they can treat you appropriately. What makes you give up on something you were doing? How you behave when tables turn. People don’t like too soft individuals in these present generation. They want a harsh authoritative guy to be a leader. They want a strict minded individual who doesn’t tolerate any act of stupidity. They don’t need people who behave childish, simple and too cool. Third, if you hide your feelings then be sure of being disliked. People will need to understand your emotions, don’t be too bold and calm. They use your emotions to see your personality and dignity. People who hide feelings are hard to be understood. Be open minded and free with people then all shall work well. Lastly, selfish people are hated by many. When you become egocentric and self minded then people will dislike you. They feel like you are too greedy to give a hand. Sometimes you have to sacrife the little you have for others. Volunteer and give help to the community. Share inspirational words to motivate others who are in need. Attend fund raising meetings and give a litle hand of support. Share love with one another and all shall be well. Have a great time and be blessed!


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