You end up meeting on your own

As I sit to meditate under a cool breeze offshore, something came into my mind about life journey. Life is a journey but where to? What is the destination? Is it death? Or is it it heaven or hell? But come to think of these; we spend our life moving places to places trying to explore internal and external reality but we still meet ourselves at the end. When you get old, you realize that you were heading to no destination. You discover that everything is within you. You are the key to everything in your life. Happiness is never seeked but exists around you. Love is in yourself first. You are the one holding power and will to control your life. No need to seek approval from anyone. No one is minding your life. Its just you and you alone. If you understand that whatever happens is human nature then you don’t have to question why. People will NEVER change its YOU to change yourself and make right decision. You can NEVER make everyone like you. Others will hate you while others will love you. Thats the reality! If you think there is something good in this world then am sorry! You are the only good thing to think of. Think about your life and stop minding others. Remember IF YOU COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS IS LIKE YOU ARE INSULTING YOUR OWNSELF


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