When tables turn

I have been addicted to electricity such that I never go offline or lack entertainment in my house. But now tables turned two days ago. Our transformer bursted and electricity was gone while it was heavily. I tried to communicate to the technicians, luckily they came but didn’t manage to fix it. Now this was a moment for me to look for backups like powerbank, small emergency phones and all sources of power. I charged my phone but the whole room was too silent to imagine. I felt like I was in a meditation session with my family. Kids started inquiring of ‘when will the power be back?‘ and sorts of question. The whole room looked differently than before. I started thinking of candles, kerosene and all supportive things I could. I felt like life was too cool in the backdays when no technology ever existed. I realized the importance and sweetness of silence. The noise I was addicted to acted like a total distraction I ever thought off. Really? When tables turn there is always something new to learn off. What about you? Do you have any strange experience when tables turned? Share with me.


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