3 times when procrastination is the best option

Accomplishing tasks at their defined time is often recommended approach, but waiting for a better time to do the task is not that bad either.

An article by John Rampton publishef on entrepreneur.com strongly advocates for procasti-nation as it benefits entrepreneurs and business owners.

Ramptom quotes Adam Grant, author of Originals who notes that in Ancient Egypt procrasti-nation was defined as “Waiting for the right time.”

Ramptom adds that great thinkers and creators like the late Apple founder Steve Jobs embra-ced this idea.

He goes on to mention other suc-cessful people who are procrastinators like Leonardo Da Vinci, Frank Lioyd Wright, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton, Mark Twain, Margaret Atwood and the Dalai Lama.

However, this does not mean that you should start putting everything off, waiting for a better time. You should discern between active procrastination and passive procrastination.

“Active procrastination means you realise that you are unduly delaying mowing the lawn or cleaning your closet, but you are doing something more valuable instead. Passive procrastination is just sitting around your sofa not doing anything. That clearly is a problem.”

According to Rampton, passive procrastination can lead to stress and anxiety. When you finally come around to doing the task, you are unable to tackle it to your full ability and end up sitting in disorganisation.

Active procrastination is good becaude of three reasons. First, it gives people an energy boost. With the fear of a deadline approaching, one gathers up enough motivation to get the task done on time.

Second, it sparks creativity as it gives people the time to come up with better alternatived. Most procrastinators are perfectio-nists and want to do the work in the best way possible.

Third, procrastinationhelps with focus, makes us work faster and makes everything else seem easier. When one is late, they avoid all forms of distraction to complete the task. The author says that you should not fight procrastination but use it for your benefit. This is possible through say making use of apps that automate tasks, organise your list, eliminate distractions, and send your daily reminders.


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