Entrepreneurial lessons from TD Jakes

Televangelist TD Jakes was in the country for the 2019 Soar Africa Leadership and Entrepreneurial Summit. His speech was full of vital lessons for entrepreneurs. He offered valuable advice from growth, innovation, strategy, branding and learning, among others.

On starting a business, the preacher cum author said: “Don’t build your business based on where you’re coming from, but where you’re going. If you’re building for the future, you need to have a strategy of running your business sustainably.”

He asked entreprenuers to think global because “the market place is now global and technology has made itveasier to run and market businesses and products.”

Running a venture requires one to be open-minded and adapt to changes in the business enviro-nment quickly.

TD Jakes asked entrepreneurs never to stop learning. He said: “Never stop being a student. In life and business, you must always be open to learning because technology changes every single day.”

Trust is important for businesses as it enables one build relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders. “If a brand is a promise, that promise should be trusted. To run a business, you must always adhere to global standards.”

Most people think success in terms of material wealth, say having billions in their bank account. However, the preacher defined success as fulfilling one’s vision. “Success is not about being a millionaire. It is when what you see on the inside materialises.”


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