Time for advice!

Friends will know your darkest secrets. They will laugh and play games with you but none of them are your true friends. They will run and go after your downfall. Don’t volunteer any information to them. Live one chance in life with two options wrong or right. Don’t trust anyone, trust yourself this world is wicked. Don’t watch all that gains, everything good always come with pain. No pain no gain. Everyone who wants to be close to you, need something from. They will clap and praise your name when you come close to them, but once they surround you they will never leave you. Be wise. You know prevention is better than cure, makes a difference. Don’t be too good, learn to say no. Talk less, do more because actions speaks louder than words. Don’t try to please everyone because you are like underating your self worth. You have a legacy so don’t let anybody ruin it. Remember you can creat a mansion for 10 years and become destroyed in 10 seconds, better do things differently. Play your cards well. Its better to have poor enemies and rich friends than to have rich enemies and poor friends, you will be easily destroyed. Live your own life. Love a few hate more. Don’t join anything with anybody unless you have decided. Babylon is full of victims. Not everybody is happy about your success. Good friends will be with you whether its dark or bright. They can tell you their secrets. They care for you. They advice you on certain issues. Are ready to risk their time to be with you. Lust man last. Don’t be twisted. Don’t be someones slave, better be brave. They claim to love you but still they fight you. Father jealousy is a bad mind. Be afraid of company.Bad company ruins good morals. Its better to be alone than to be in a bad company. Don’t look for perfect good company because you will never find it. Alwats risk for a few since risking is a form of learning your insticts and prevention is better than cure. Don’t take promises from anyone and don’t trust trust anyone because the devil was once an angel. Don’t let them know where you live, your location & movements they will turn back and plant you, untill you loose it up again. This world is in a crisis seeking humanity. Think of ‘human trafficking’ ‘rape cases’ ‘violence’ and many trends in our society today. Its never good. Be strong and watch who you are connected with in this universe. Prayer works. Seek more from God and never turns down. Their charms can never turn you down. Be careful!


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