Are your kids…

Far people admire us? Or we admire far people? We tend to forget that we are living in a circle, its only our ideas that change our environment. No place is best than home. We should learn to accept our origin no matter how bad it looks.

Children of these generation only think of city life and even forget love for their home. Old themes of grandparents storytelling are foregone. Kids just think of city, city, city and city. They don’t even recognize their great grandfathers name but can tell you the trend in celebrities conflicts. Some since they joined city life, can never trace back their way back to the village.

Take for instance when youths are applying for identification cards, many find it hard to fill out queries on application forms. Also while expressing themselves about their background, some just say “one of the places in our village” revealing that they don’t recognize some locations in their home yard. Probably, they don’t even recognize their village elders. What kind of a mess is this? Are we fully in digital life to even discard our own identity?

Children have greatly spoiled through digital technology despite its many benefits. These reminds me of my previous animation was watching, ‘The Croods’ a father of this family should be emulated for sure. He sacrificed everything he had just to ensure his family to survive in the middle of hazardous desert. He could give advice to his children where possible. When they became tired and relaxing, he was there to offer a storytelling session. Today there is no storytelling among families; storybooks, video games, movies and animations have replaced oral tales. Everyone learns according to what surrounds them. Television never misses in a house of kids unless they are watching at the neighbour.


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