Are you afraid of people laughing at you?

When I sat down and think about this, it all turns like a simple phenomenon. As I began to study animals sounds, I just could ignore we human beings. As I compared with other animals we are closely equal to them i.e reproduction, breathing, smelling, movement, feeding and many more. We also make sounds like other animals i.e laughing, groaning, talking, screaming, barking etc. To my view I just realised that we are always intimidated by simple sounds others make. This sounds induce feelings that cause us to react in fear, anxiety and even depression. We end up planting negative attitudes towards nothing big but mere sounds. Try to figure out, for instance you were watching an animation full of sounds and graphics. When you reduce all the volume, you won’t get any feeling but just simple movement of graphics with sounds. Thats why you end up falling in love with the sound of intended graphic character in a movie. Lets be honest and focus on the task ahead of us and not whats affecting our progress.


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