Why praise men for doing what is expected of them?

It looks like women have gotten used to being treated badly that they put any guy man who does that bare minimum on a pedestal.

A friend recently called to gush about a new man she had started seeing.

She was convinced that she had landed a great catch and that he was a cuy above the rest. I asked what had her so convinced that he was so great.

She said he had taken her out on a real date, was nice to her all night long and the best part, he had walked her home to make sure she got thrre safe.

I was unimpressed. Sure, that’s a nice thing to do but isn’t it what it is expected of him? Was she really swooning over a man because he got home safe at night? What kind of people has she been dating that let her go home alone at night?

Sometimes back there was a story about a man who took it upon himself to take care of his newborn baby as his wife sat exams.

I remember I first saw the story whrn it was shared on Facebook. Even without reading the story or going through the comments, I chuckled just from reading the headline.

I wondered how a man taking care of his own child could possibly be newsworthy.

No big deal

Surely there had to be more to this storu. So, I jumped into the story to learn more about this ‘extraordinary’ man. I read and reread the story a couple of times and still couldn’t sed what the big deal was.

The gist of the story was just that; a new mother had just given birth but had to sit exams so the husband took over caring for the newborn by feeding him, changing him, you know; the whole shebang.

The reason this particular story made the news was still completely lost on me. What elsr was he supposed to do?

I then went on to the comments section of the story and sure enough there were legions of people singing him praises for doing what was expected of him in the first place.

He was doing what any decent human being would do but for that he was somehow being hailed as eight wonder of the world. It was astonishing.

Everyday I see women on social media raving about their men because they are nice to them and they treat them with respect and I have to stop and ask; are our standards so low that we praise men for basic humane acts?

Your boyfriend is supposed to be nice to you and respect you. That is nothing to write home about.

Another woman on Facebook wrote a long post about how she eas insecure about her weight and struggled to find a man who would date her because all men prefer skinny, model-type girls.

That was until she met her current boyfriend who, as shr put, ‘accepts het drspite her not fitting into the feminine beauty ideal’. Wow!

I am sorry, but that doesn’t make him ‘great’. A boyfriend is supposed to accept you they way you are!

If you think he is great just because he does things other guys haven’t done for you it doesn’t mean he is extraordinary. It simply means you have to raise your standards a little bit.


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