Warning signs that you should stop driving

We are in the time when most times we use motorbikes, personal car or public means for transport. Some of the accidents that occyr each day are contributed by drivers who don’t want to accept that they are losing it either because they are not healthy or are in astate to control the vehicle.

We all have friends and relatives who are drivers. It is recommendable once you notice the following signs, advice them to stop driving because it leads to accidents.

1. Getting lost in familiar places

When you notice that your friend is getting lost in places they used to visit before continouslt and there are no major changes, their eyesight could be running out of place and you should advice them to stop driving before they get lost in unfamiliar places arises an expected results.

Difficulty in seeing road markers

When you realize that your friend or relative is facing difficulties in seeing different road signs such as bumps, traffic lights or traffic signs, you should advice them to stop driving before they cause accidents. This means the cognitive and eyesight ability is not healthy.

Having slower reflexes

Its important noting that our reflexea ages with time. Once you notice your friend who is a driver is having low response of their reflexes on traffic evwnts such as keeping pedals, straight or changing gears or even confusing the two, you should advice them to stop driving before they face tragic results.


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