Simplicity is the best policy in life

Sometimes people spend lots of time into conflicts, stress, arguments, risky-behaviours, relationship issues, fear, family issues, gangstarship, business matters, social issues, rumours, enemies, friends etc. But what about our self awareness? Self love? Self care? Self esteem? Most people spend time into fitting somewhere or being in a certain situation. We tend to consider that being alone is boring. No one believes in one man guitar situation. You were born alone, and not to a must to be with someone close everytime. We should take time alone and reflect on our individual being. Try and figure out why things keep falling apart. Other people are ageing enough in a healthy manner and why are we still being the same everyday? Is it ignorance. Are we careless? Are we so busy that we forget about our selves? Being simple is agreat way. Its not a must to continually being on workouts or fixed dilema. Life is how you live and not how other people live. Be humble, stay simple, obey the law, be disciplined,volonteer to help, be optimistic, stay focused, be happy and enjoy your time well. Life is never short or long, it all depends on decisions you choose to live your kind of lifestyle.


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