Use your intuition to design for your personality

A well-designed space should reflect the homeowners’ personality and way of living.

We have different personalities and difgerent outlook on life, ergo we cannot have the same outlook in life. The way a sanguine looks at life is different from the way a melancholic does.

An imtrovert has different daily living needs from an extrovert. This goes to explain why a cookie cutter approach cannot work for all spaces. Intuitive design is the art of designing a space that embodies your personality, lifestyle and practical needs for the space.

You would not wear some clothes because they do not suit your personality so why do that for your home?

Floor plan

The first step to designing intuitively ia to study the layout of the room you are working with.

If you are a bubby person you will decorate with an aum at entertainment and conversation spaces. If you are reserved person however you will need a layout that has private areas for instance a meditation spot or a reading nook.

Choose your design style

Next step is to pick a design style that resonates with your individuality.

It could be a pompous style like Hollywood regency or art deco, it could also be a laid back style like shabby chic or farmhouse style.

Your unique style will guide the choice in furniture, drapery and accents.


Your personality is unique. Allowing your space to be a reflection of who yoi are leads to a space that you are happy to be in. Accent pieces like quotes and typography allow you to show your wordy side if you are a writer. Collect and tastefully display the things that you love around your time. Do you always consider decorating for your personality?


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