Self care: the art of doing nothing

One of the primary culprita of modern day stress is the cult of productivity, which dictates that we use our surplus time productively towards some end goal. Busyness is a pervasive modern malaise, robbing us of our inner capacity for peace.

It is telling the growing number of self-help book that advise us to put down our phones and turn off our computers. While still impactful, this is merely treating a symptom of the subtle violence busyness inflicts on our lives and our mental health.

Real self-care begins with relearning how to do nothing. Alllowing yourself for a set period to not taken on a project, not create mental to-do list and not submit to the pressure to be prosuctive. Instead, choose happiness; do something that brings you joy and promotes relaxation, even though thus may mean choosing to do absolutely nothing.


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