Treating major burns in a child

Get rid of any loose clothing which has been soaked in boiling water, fat, or corrosive chemicals, taking care not to let it touch your child’s skin anywhere else. Cut his clothes off, rather than pull them over his face. Do not remove dry, burnt clothing, or any clothing which is stuck to the burn.

Cool the burn immediately by drenching it with cold water. You could either dip your child in a basin or bath filled with cold water and cover the burn with it. Do not rub the skin.

If chemicals have burnt his skin, wash them off with plenty of cold water, but do not let the water run on to the unharmed areas.

Cover the area very loosely with a clean, non-fluffy dressing. If you do nor have a sterile dressing, an ironed handkerchief or pillowcase will do. After this, check for symptoms of shock, and treat your child for this if necessaru. If he complains of being thirsty, gïve him sips of water.


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