Treating minor burns in a child

The first step to take to cool the burn immediately by holding it under cold, slowly running water until the pain decreases. This prevents blisters from developing. But if one does develop, put a pad of clean, a non-fluffy material over it and hold it in place with tape. Do not burst the blister– it protects the damaged area underneath while the new skin grows. Do not apply any cream ir lotion on the burn.

In case of burning clothes, lay the child on the ground with the burning area facing up. Avoid touching the burning area with your hands pr with your clothes if possible. The most effective method of putting out the fire is by smothering the flames with a rug, blanket or heavy curtain, while keeping thia away from your child’s head.

Do not throw water over him or try to put the flames off with nylon or any other flammable fabric. Prevent him from rushing outside since air will only fan the flames.

When the flames are out, treat your child for a major burn


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