How to straight end your teeth

A straight smile will have you looking glamous. Many people don’t appreciate their feet alignment. The mettalic look of braces isn’t embraced by everyone but fortunately, there are several things you can do to straighten your teeth without using braces.

Avoid leaning your face on your hand

If you are University Student or an employee in Kenya’s Corporate World, you’ll understand that tiresome study or work comes with poor posture. When you are at your desk and you drop your body foward, resting your face on your hands, you cause constant pressure on your jaws pushing your teeth inwards resulting in crucked teeth. To avoid sit upright and avoid leaning on your hands.

Stop sleepong on your stomach

When you sleep on your stomach the chances of your teeth crowding and overlapping causes gentle pressure on your teeth that slowly repositions them inwards. It might be your favourite sleep position, but for the sake of a straight beautiful smile, avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Bottom line

Thumb-sucking cause outward pressure resulting in crooked teeth. Chewing on a pen or blowing bubble gums also causes outward pressure that can load outwarf crooked teeth. If you avoid sucking on your thumb or chewing on a pen, you’ll have astraight teeth.


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