Encountering people you don’t like

Everyone has to interact with someone they don’t get along with every once in a while so be prepared the next time it happens to you. Opinions are expressed by entreprenuers contributers are their own. It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter people with whom you disagree. There are some people you instantly click with and others you can take or leave. And then there are the silent few you just can’t understand.

How can you get along with someone you find difficult distasteful or downight obnoxious? Well, it helps to remember that whatever that you aren’t perfect either. Remember that whatever you might feel about aperson someone else might feel the same about you.

We are all human, after all. We all havw our faults. It’s usually possible just to avoid people you don’r get along with. However, at some point you may have yo work with someone you dislike.

That may seem tough, but you can work with (almost) anyone if you just keep a few things in mind. Infact by using these tips, you might find that a challanging person can still offer useful insights. They may even be able to help you to see things from a different perspective. Successful people understand that if you restrict who you can work with you are only limiting yourself.


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