Weak men’s generation

Men were considered as the strong beings in the older days. But this has turned to be ironic to todays culture. Men have gone underneath to allow the women have control of them. They have become dependent on women in their decision making. They try to please women for no reason. They have gone to fear weak women due to the arguments power and harsh sounds from them. Women have become the head of houses on contrary. They play the minds of their men and later take the guts to indirectly violet their roles. Women tend to satisfy men on pleasure needs like sex and later become the controller of men. They are there to watch over every man that tries to succeed and later overturn crisis till they fail. Women have been blocked their husbands with the simple sexual attraction modelling to turn men weak. When men go to the restaurants or clubs, women play tricks to win up their pockets and later over thrown and break their marriages. Women have become so attentive in identifying strong men and later overuining them. They tend to feel insecure whan they find strong men to deal with. They fear most conversation with the big five bulls who don’t go under their umbrella. Women also have become spys and informers to the financial system. They have gone further to support human trafficking on helpless men who lack directions and power to make decisions. They have become the backbone of the system instead of men waking and uprising the society as their responsibilities.


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