Is the society insane? Or where are we heading to?

People tend to waste alot of time doing things that cost their productivity life on daily basis. It all begins early in the morning till late in the evening. These habits tend to be taken as a normal repetitive behaviour that we always think they aren’t of count. Here are the habits bellow.

People tend to storytelling on streets,clubs, bus, schools and various public forums. You tend to spend much time talking about things that are foregone i.e past experiences, others life challanges, sports scores, political crisis etc. This tend to eat up your time in focusing on your tasks. Storytelling has end up leading to rumours/gossips, influences on young generation, lazy society, cheap facts in newspapers, crime rates increasement, relationships crisis, accidents on roads, carelessness of goodmorals, indiscpline among youths and loss of respect to the elders. People have forget to focus on development of the society, empowering young generations, discplining morals, reinforcing team building, fighting violence, poverty, corruption etc. We all think of talking about how others faced it rough, critisizing each other on social media, enganging in alcoholism and drug abuse, sexual fantasy, watching TVs, arguments and forget the roles and responsibilities we got to play part. Mothers have trained their daughters to slay. Fathers have trained their sons to smoke and chew miraa, watch footballs, hustle hard and forget on the important issues like learning. Education has been underated and considered as a waste of time and energy. Youths have prefered to abandon schools, start abusiness, get married and live like there’s nothing good to hope for. Everybody is caught up in afreaky don’t care lifestyle. Reading culture has dissolved in the cold soup. Entertainment has been the core to life situations. Before achild goes to schools he already knows the top games, movies, music celebrities in the society. We have coped into salery of others. Gambling our little money. No body thinks of building an organisation to fight lazzy socrates. We speak it on magazines, TVs and music and later keep it aside. We repeat it everyday until another generation comes and also does the same way. Things got to be the way we run them. Society is full of fear. Fear of leadership. Fear of change. Fear of development. And all we keep on doing is complaining and expecting luck from nowhere. So is the society insane? Or where are we heading to?


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