If you want to make bold statement, then lipstick with a bold choice is the way to go.

As a beginner, look into getting a clear lip liner to use instead of going all in with coloured liners because they can be trycky to use for a rookie. If you have not yet gotten usef to apply regular lipstick, use liquid lipstick or lip crayon. Liquid lipsticks have wands that are a lot easier to apply and allow better control during application. Once you have mastered the art of liquid lipsticks and lip liners, it is time to graduate to the regular lipstick that boasts every colour imaginable.

Should you accidentally apply outside your natural shape fix it with damp cotton bud and little concealer. Simply dampen the bud and lightly dab any excess product off your face, being careful not to smear more product onto the face. Another tip is to go in with a stiff angled liner brush that has been lightly dipped in concealer that matches your skin tone. Carefully go over any area where the lipstick bled on the face and let dry. Once dry, you can also add some translucent powder to keep everything in place.

Finnaly, remember to wear bold lip colour confidently. Wearing bold lipstick can be intimidating at first and you’ll probably walk around thinking everyone is staring at you for a little while. But as with anything in life, if you love it, rock it.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


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