Marijuana use…effects

Many people use for various reason but atlast it has side effects that we need to be aware of. Marijuana affects people differenently depending on their biology, plants potency, previous experience with drugs, the way the person uses the drug, and the use of alcohol and other drugs at the same time. Some people feel nothing at all when they use marijuana. Some feel relaxed or high. Others suddenly get anxious and paranoid, this happens especially when a person takes stronger marijuana, take too much, or isn’t used to it. Regular use of marijuana is linked to memory and relationship problems, poor mental and physicah health, lower salaries and less career success.

Short term effects after smoking it includes;

1. Learning, attention and problems

2. Distorted perception (sounds, sights, touch and time)

3. Poor coordination

4. Increased heart rate

5. Anxiety, paranoia

6. Psychosis

Longterm effects after smoking includes;

1. Sleep problems

2. Risk of marijuana addiction

3. Longterm learning and memory loss if using it begins at youth

4. Risk of chronic cough, bronchitis

5. Risk of schizophrenia in people with genetic risk

Bottom line: Marijuana is psychactive. In other words it affects how the brain works. Marijuana affects specific sites in the brain called cannabinoid receptors. These receptors send message to different nerve cells in the nervous system. They affect brain areas that impart learning and memory, appetite, coordination and pleasures.


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