Dear Harlod,

I read your column last week on upkeep and maintenance of children and resolved to share about the difficult situation that I am in after an a ffair with a married man who honestly took good care of me. However, I accidentaly fell pregnant four months ago after the condom raptured. I did not want to take emergency pills as I do not believe in abortion at all – this has strained my relationship with the man who urgue that he doesn’t want children out of wedlocj as his wife would divorce him on grounds of adultery. Do I have any options to ensure he maintains the child knowing that he may snub me arguing that I conceived accidentaly after the condom raptured?


You have options to ensure that both of you (biological parents) equally provide for the up keep and maintenance of the baby afer birth. Legally, it will be an uphill task to covince the court not to capture for the best interesr of the child because he/she is a product of a raptured condom or any other family planning method gone sour. Once a child is born, it is the constitutional duty and responsibility of both parents to equally contribute towards the upbringing of the baby – whether the parents are married to each other or not. On the other hand, the wife of the father of your baby may have valid ground to insitute divorce proceedings aganaist him (if she wishes) on grounds of adultery – having sexual relation with a person you are not married to. Nevertheless, the divorce may not mean that he is exempted from catering for the child he earthemed.


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