Finding purpose in life?

Life is inevitable to clearly define. Some things we keep doing keep on returning back to us. The change we make gives us new experiences. But at the check-point its us exposing ourselves to different scenarios. We all try to find the best and become the leaders of others but nothings seems satisfying. Its like all is vanity. We play a life game of influencing others either directly or indirectly. We all want to be recognized and be appreciated. We all favour the good and dislike the bad. We all want peace and not justice. We all want to go to heaven and no one wants to die. The music we all sing in life keeps on falling to us. Life has tought us to be problem creators and solvers. I once read an article about beauty cosmetics, where the industry creates a toxic product and sells it to customers and then when customers complain or get affected, they refer back to the industry and buy a cure to the problem. We do different research on finding a better living, but the good we try to be, the bad we be. Friends become enemies and vice versa. Money has turned peoples minds to forget about their purpose in life. I wondered why corruption sounds familiar than peace in a country. As others gain others loose. Atlast we are all human beings full of competing with one another to gain something above others. Materialism isn’t bad or good, but whats wrong with living plain? Because minus the faults & gains, is the same game we. Love has brought conflict in between us. Others feel right to be same while others want to be different and isolated. Others misunderstand us of the choices we make, others appreciate us. Where do we fall? Whats the right path? What wrong have we done? Why do otheras try to find us guilty of something we don’t know? Why cant we stop fighting and start appreciating one another? Life has become invisible double edged sharp sword. It is either we hurt others or they hurt us. So who is who. Is thay the purpose we are here for. Are we born to suffer for others or save ourselves and be painted bad and guilty. Things keep complicating our minds that we later decode to live a free don’t care life. We stick to the pain of pleasure. We are afraid to die than to live until death. But what we do keeps driving us close to death. We keep interogating and judging others of their actions.


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