Causes of high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure is not a disease but a symptom just like fever. Blood pressure os essentail for life and everu person carfies some degree of blood pressure. In certain pathological states, the blood pressure(B.P) rises above normal figures which can be dangerous to life. Blood pressure should remain within safe limits and every effort should be made to reduce it to acceptable levels. A drastic reduction in B.P by use of drugs is said to often have severe consequences. The ideal method of treatment is by removing what causes the body to react and trigger raised blood pressure.

The following are the main causes of blood pressure

Hereditary factor

If the parents have High Blood Pressure, the children rarely escape.


Blood pressure is mostly common in people after the age of fourty. Younger people are also afflicted by hypertension but the cause might not be the same in all cases.


The incidence of B.P is higher among men that women.


Overweight and obese people suffer more than those who are thin and underweight.

Kidney problems

Such kidney problems may result from the use of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, a heavy meat diet or constipation.

Tortuous and hardened arteries

Thesw are mostly caused by syphillis infection and auto-intoxication.

People who suffer from anxiety

Or worries for many years are liable to become hypetsensitive.


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