Best learning takes place outside class

How do you spend your time ouside the classroom? Do you enjoy nestling in a duvet to catch up with the latest movies or social media? Maybe smoke illegal substances with friends? Are you the responsible kid that heads straight home to help with house chores?

Thats is not how it should be. You can learn outside the cladsroom that can change your life as much ad you can learn from class. I can bet nearly half of the people who went to college hardly use the skills they lernt in class. The off-class gig like that extra diploma that you took up to fill the unoccupird hours or that self-taught skill like coding or fashion styling mostly ends up earning you a living.

Whatever it is, you can only succeed if you pay attention to the skill you are developing or your side interests.

You only need to be proactive. Do not waste time on things that do not matter. Leisur is a good thing, but you must earn it. Most of the time, outdide classroom, think about your future, painfully aware that after college there will be bills waiting for you. Those who start the hustle earlier in college have a softer landing after graduation as oppose to those who only focus to class work and leisure.

Pick a skill and develop it. Have an interest in something productive. Use the friendships and networks in college to perfect it. Just be aware of the direction the world is headed and align yourself accordingly.


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