Customer attraction

Are you an entreprenuer looking for ways to attract customers to buy your products? Good! Here is the right places for that simple facts but very sensiticmve. Firstly, make sure you provide quality services that favours them. Make sure your products are pleasing your customers eyes. Look at the materials texture, is it rough? Smooth? Flexible? Fabric? Nylon? Leather? Etc. For instance a customer may prefer buying a leather jacket than a fabric one. Secondly, consider your pricing system for your products. You choose to sell at moderate price and also offer discounts if possible. For example you may decide to tag 499/= instead of 500/= for the purpose of consumer attraction. Or if a customer decides to buy a lot products at once, you can offer discount of 20% to each products. Thirdly, you can decide to offer etreme self services to customers that will ease the business operation. These services include packaging, doors delivery, breaking bulk and many more. These services will motivate customers to come back again for more services. Fourthly, improve your business operation speed to customers. Many customers value businesses that don’t waste time during offering services. Make sure you deliver them at time. Serve them faster. Don’t keep them stressed waiting. No one likes to buy in ashop with line waiting. Cook your restaurant meals on time. Serve the food while still hot and fresh. Lastly, you should offer promotions and gifts to potential customers. Show them that you value their trust on your products and services. They have greatly acted like the backbone support to your business. Hope these facts will help out. Thank you!


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