Come and go..oldschool rap song lyrics by King G

Fake friends come and go

They don’t wanna get my blow

All they see me blessed and still grow old

Young, handsome rapper i keep ageing good

Haters respect me nigga am ruling my hood

Bad music, Good verses

Rapping nudy, i fuck assess

Nigga am real i don’t give fake deals

I get money, buy meals and pay my bills

No time to play, those puppy games

Trying to diss me with nasty lines

Better writes bars, stop braging

I wonder why you rap by yourself and keep laughing

You aint real rappers yet keep learning

Practice over and over till you get it over

Stay far away you chaps, dont come closer

I will burn you high am the joker smoke

Tell alie, i take a lighter

Burn your head ice

Split your chest part

Like a skin of a rat

Nothing to lose

Nothing to gain

Whether you come and go, am still the same

Same rap name with different rap game

I almost forget you because you come and go

But am still the same, days nights come and i keep to grow

Fake friends come and go

Days nights come and i grow

You felt so special because i valued you so deep

Am now realize why treating you good, aint best choice

I need you to test my actions and voice

Do freestyles for you chaps everyhour

After milestones sweating i get ashower

Inlove with music industry i do what i do for my hooly crews

Big fans, great jams all feeling cool

Always be there for you, never dissapoint you

Do it till i die, i sacrifice you

Do it alive, when im smoking high.

If you keep haters keep come and go

Better stay or fly and go.

Fake friends come and go

To be continued…


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