Saying sorry hurts at times

When we get into a sudden misunderstanding with one another, we often try to relieve the tension by sayying confroting words like sorry, calm down, cool down etc. These kind of words do mean great to whoever you say to. The funny aspect if it is that some words like sorry tends to hurt and make the addresee feel more hurtful inside. Take for instance you accidentally forget to leave behind some money for meals to your house maid before going to job early morning. Now when you return late night and you find out that no food is cooked, and your kids are complaining of starvation since they returned from school. Out of curiousity you end up slapping your maid and even endup hurting her eyes. The result from doctor states that your maids left eye is gone permanently blind and can’t use anymore. Then after all these happenings, you now gain the potential to atleast try to lisen to what she is saying. Only to discover that you are the one responsible for everything and the cause of what has happened. Some people have this type of this behaviour and they never try to change. They lack patience in their hearts. When something else happens they rush into quick decision making. Why can’t you atleast try to value other beings opinions? You just fire your employees with simple mistakes that you never asked why? Why try to take it all personal? The customer is always right! The boss is always right! But the heart is not so smart… Even when such an incident happens and you realize it was all your fault, how do you expect your sorry will feel like? Do you think your maid will ever forget what you did to contribute to his life change of vision? Hey! Be careful! Who do you think is responsible if not you?


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