Its either you follow parents or outer world… Here is why

Do you realize that when there is conflict with parents, you got? peace with outer world. When you got peace with parents, there is conflict with outer world. Here is example, your parents may advice you to keep away from drugs and substance, but your friends are laughing and abusing for not joining their smoking zone. When you give up and decide to join them, it creates a trouble between you and your parents. Or if for instance your parents advice you to focus on your studies till you graduate so that you will have time to date girls, but your close friends keep insisting for prom nights and club parties with sexy erotic college girls. If you refuse for instace, they start branding you as a fool who doesn’t want to enjoy free offers at youth stage. These makes you feel isolated and hence feel like hating your parents advice. The outer world keeps hunting you from your parents love. But remember one simple commandment about obedience which relates with your lifespan. It says; “Obey your father and mother so that your days of living may be long”. Its true and pure truth. Some people think being mamas’ boy is childish thing but its not. Even its the best decision you can ever make. Just be close to your parents no matter how bad or good they are. They are all important. Humble and you shall be exalted. Be like a child infront of elders. If you don’t want then I promise you the outer world shall teach you. You will either listen your home music or outer world music for you to understand what life is. Once bitten twice shy. Have a great time!


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