Does you mind behave like this?

Hey, do you set alarms? Do you arrive at job on right time? Do you wake up at set time? Okay why talk about these, its because I often experience certain strange feeling. When I go to sleep and I remember I got an appointment early tomorrow, I often wake up too early. Its like the mind always stays active even when am sleeping. When weeknds knocks, I often oversleep and wake up late. When I realize tomorrow is a holiday in the middle of weekdays, I find my self waking up late. Like few days ago, I was informed to attend a KU TV morning breakfast starting at It was on Wednesday and I found my self waking up at 4.30am a time I have never done before. I had to prepare my self and by 5.20am I was already on my way to the show. Sometimes we human beings don’t have to be dependent on things like watch. All we need is the right mindset and everything can be achieved. Remember the current 1.59 Champion Runner Eluid Kipchoge said; No human is limited. Its true! We can make it if only we believe in ourselves. David believed that he had the guts to defeat and kill Goliath. Shadrack, Meshack and Abedinego believed through their prayers everything will be possible so are you? Don’t you trust yourself enough that you can wake up early without setting alarms? You can present a speech in few minutes remaining; You can publish your own book in few months to come; You can launch your own album in few days to come. Just believe in yourself and all shall be well. Yourself means everything including your thoughts, ideas, ability, strength, power and possibilities. Have a peaceful time thank you!


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