Being a single man

Many fore tales describe ‘being single man’ as something too boring but today I got something new to share with you readers. Okay, being a single man is really a great opportunity to self actualisation. Nothing bothers your mind. It is your time to learn from what other married men are passing through. Learn new things that you expect when you get into marriage. What are your expectations in marriage life? What will be your responsibilty? Are you ready for them? Can you sustain your family till death parts you? Don’t rush into marriage when you are not prepared too good. Many men of these current generation are careless enough to even sit down and plan things. They keep wasting more time planning for weddings than planning for marriage. They focus on short-time activities than long-time activities. Some men keep thinking of getting a child than thinking of how to raise it those years to come. Actually if you are a single man its a good opportunity to sit down and think of your coming days. Don’t wait to see your future wife calling you a lazy man who can’t can’t provide for his family. Do want to be caught in the middle of lots of debts? If money is what you lack now, start saving and investing in income generating chores. Open a bank saving account and start building funds for future sustainance. If you lack a house of your own, start planning on how you can buy a plot and build before you get into marriage life. Many youths waste their time into leisure activities and wait till marriage life knocks them, is when they start to panic. They keep walking here and there filling loans application forms. Others start borrowing money from their fellow individuals who had planned earlier. I don’t mean borrowing is bad but sometimes it’s good to stay away from troubles or issues that can impact troubles into your life especially when you are in a marriage one. You can also practice some good qualities of a great partner. Try some new recipes. Do research. Consult relationship experts. Hook up with various cougars until you finnally decide on who fits to be your life partner.


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