Too much greed

We as human being own a lot of greed and lust over earthly materials. We want to be rich,, successful and moreover recognized. Everyone wants to have power and be respected by everyone. This reminds me of terrorism and leadership that thrives around our society. We hear of attacks from a certain gang of terrorists who tend to destroy lives of people and animals just because of their need to take over. They protest their slogans over the leaders of the country. Some claim of resisting the system and need to be ruled by themselves. They claim to stop being under governments authority in order to exercise their manhood & stubborness. Others even end up sacrificing their youthfulness into risking their life into terrorism. Young youths who are capable of even being self entreprenuers give up in living abored life into risking their lives. People keep fighting everyday and there is no solution. Peace is never archieved since. Freedom is never free. What are we still asking each other? Why can’t we be humble? There is too much greed. Too much selfishness. Too much violence. Why?


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