Words to share

Poverty is not your choice but it is your responsibility to fight it. Richness is not easy way too. You have to pass through ups and downs in order to excel. It entails risking your life into lots of trials, hardships and sacrifice. No giving up the mission – go for it till you get it. There is always a way in everything you try. In every bad thing, there is always a good side of it. Teamwork is considered an easy way to work things out. In making partner or a friend, opens another opportunity. There is room for caring, supporting and sharing memories together. Stand together in troubles till glory time. Be like partners in crime no matter how tables turn. Always help others in life if you can. When you got an opportunity to be best and you feel like it is not worthy, remember your past. How was you slavery days? Your poverty life? The pain you endured during your time for struggles? Your suffering days? How do you feel about them? Do you take them for granted? Did you waste your time?Then why give up? Stand for what is yours. Carry your victory flag high. Accept whatever happens because life is about learning and experiencing our mistakes, challanges and any results that comes from our decisions and actions. Believe in yourself, nothing to fear. No matter how many times you try just never give. Human beings will always question everything. Thats how they are. So don’t be suprised if you find people interogating your successful life; invading your privacy; gossiping your achievements. Just don’t turn to try to fight or quarell with them. They are jealousy minded. Evil doers. Life destoyers. Envy careers. All they do is to pretend to gain. They will turn back and bite you. Don’t take promises from anyone. Focus on your life and leave peoples business alone. No easy way out. It gets harder everyday. Don’t trust or believe in what you see. Don’t lean on your expectations. Remember ‘when it seems to be so close, its far away and when it seems to be far away its so close’ so are you? The beggining of something is always the end of something out. The beggining of success is the end of failure. Good life begins with end of bad life. Open your eyes. Practice makes perfect. Be patient. Every good thing comes with pain so don’t watch all that gains. Life is a sacrifice. Sacrifice for others, they sacrifice for you. Live for others, they live for you. Care for others, they care for you. Ignore them, they ignore you back. Life is a seaon for every human. Celebrate your life till death knocks your way. Free yourself from thoughts, jealousy, hatred, envy and all sorts of negativity. Be happy and everything shall be alright.


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