Free-up your mind.

Are you afraid of something or to do something? We as human beings are full harmed with fear in our life. The problem is how you look at the problem and not the problem itself. When you fear to fail for example, the problem is not failing but they way you look at it. It makes you start to worry or panic about something imagined & not reality. Fear blocks you into opening doors for opportunity to learn and experience reality. It limits your moral judgement over something or somebody. If you fear death then you won’t open and free your life into discovering the sweetness of life as agift. Everytime you will be stuck into that opinion till death finally hits you down. You won’t enjoy anything good in life. Your mind will be locked in box of thoughts that are yet to be exlerienced and proved. Sometimes its better to let it go and be free-living beings ready for anything. If you fail or succeed nothing can take your dignity away. Explore life. Socialise fully. Listen others life story. Share your story. Shed tears together. Give a little love to others. Be open minded. Destroy greed and selfishness in your life. Always learn to try something new everyday.


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