God is watching us

Human beings tend to pretend their actions in order to gain. People tend to behave in a manner that their inner being is opposite. A leader pretends to be good in giving fake promises that are never fullfilled. They will eat public funds as you keep on complaining. Accidents shall keep happening on bad roads they also use by themselves. What about education? They promise graduates of employ-ment only to realize that what the employer wants is not what the candidate has been trained. Schools teach students how to become qualified employees instead of teaching them how to become entreprenuers in proffessional fields like engineering. Instead of being true to ourselves we want to deep ourselves into pretendence culture. Young ladys want to be young mothers. Young men want to be young fathers. Young kids want to be young youths. Why can’t we be wherever we are? No need to be a rude student so that you want to grove up with your teacher. Young girls want to hang out with old sugar dadies. Young boys want to date sugar mummies. Where are we heading to? Is it too much ignorance? Or thats the trend?


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