Betrayal in too much trust

In life we often wish to have honest friends who will never betray, hide or be secretive from us. Everyone likes an open minded person who can be free to do or say anything without fear or doubt. The worse reality is that those who we trust much are the ones likely to deceive us. There are type of friends who tend to be so close and caring about us but all of it is irony of our expectations on them. For instance a parent may be supporting his son in boarding school thinking that his child is actively focusing on studies and yet its not that way. Maybe his son is a lazy drug addict and substance smuggler. Or his son is into sneaking in and out of school without permission. So as much as the parent has much hope and faith in investing to his son’s education, nothing seems to be good at all. Another example is in business sector between two people in a partnership. If for example they happen to get a business deal of importing golds from neighbouring country and they happen to succeed, one of the partners end up double-crossing the other in craving for richness with lots of greed and selfishness. People turn, forget and later create a room for emotional judgement. They never appreciate you no matter how hard you try to please them. Sometimes its better to quit and just stay like you don’t care at all. No need for promises that are never fullfilled. Don’t trust anybody even yourself because the heart is not so smart. In every decision you make always think twice before you leap just to have plan B incase tables turn. Incase you are looking for good friends, you will have to meet bad friends first before you decide who fits to be your company. Sometimes those we think are bad maybe good by not judging the book by its cover. Always be ready to learn from experiences and reality in order to be a good life student.


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