Why people give up so easily?

Many people in the universe want to be successful and archieve their dreams like others. We all want to be rich and prosperous in life just like others. Talking of success and failure, majority of human beings FEAR failure. They don’t want losses but gains. Firstly, you need to understand that the road to success is never straight but more complicated. You will have to pass through upfalls and down falls in inorder to build a strong path. Secondly, it takes time. As you try to archieve your dreams, you need a lot of patience and persistent nature. As you go high, the tougher it gets but never give up. Keep the fire burning. Keep the backstabbers talking. Keep the competitors active till they feel like leaving the game for you to win. Always be on the move. Thirdly, anything good always come with pain. Remember no pain no gain. The pain you endure today, will become agreatest testimony tommorrow. Just like gym, you can’t gain muscles without weing the heavy loads. You need strength to raise the bars and with strength comes forth the pain. Lastly, no shortcuts. The easier you get, the easier you loose. The harder you archieve, the harder you loose. If you use shortcuts trust me it will never last. Just like the lottery money, it never dwells in the hands of the gambler. Always choose the long way, the harder way, the sweetest way.


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