A piece of motivation.

When you were looking for love did you check inside?

When you were looking for a friend, are you a friend to yourself?

When you were looking for happiness did you check your life?

Who do you think is responsible for your faults?

Don’t put your blames to anyone else. Alway be watchful and responsible for every actions.

Few days ago,I came across a young teen who was inquiring for an advice about his relation-ship with a neighborhood girl. He had pregnated the lady and prefered for abortion since the outcome of akid will bring more hardship in raising it and managing studies with home chores. So I had to take the initiative to remind him that despite abortion being a crime, its aganaist God and human nature. He was responsible for the outcome and should fully & openly accept it. Nobody forced him into the action. It was his decision to do so.

Remember no one forced you to be the way you are unless if only you were threatened and ended up accepting it. Since no one can overpower your self-will of making decisions.

Its so sad we are living in darkness. We are all looking for love on the wrong places. Do you know you are the one holding the key to everything in your life? You can make it if you try. Just don’t give up no matter how hard it gets. Be a free to follow your passion and desires in life. Don’t be pressurized.


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